Hayland Farms

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Wanna Take A Ride?! Airplane Rides

Airplane rides will start at 10:00 am and end at 8:00 pm. Each ride will last approximately 15 minutes from takeoff to landing. There is a limit of three passengers per flight. Due to the weight limitations, persons of size may be restricted from riding. Other restrictions may apply at the time based on the pilot’s assessment for safety. As with any aviation related activities, weather and other factors will dictate as to the offering of this event.

The cost will be $20.00 per person regardless of age.

The airplane rides offered at the Hayland Fly-In will be conducted by a pilot holding at least the following qualifications:

  • 20,000 hours of flight experience
  • Commercial Single Engine Rating
  • Current Second-Class Medical

A separate waiver of liability will be required for all passengers and shall be read and signed by the participant or the parent or legal guardian in cases of participants under the age of 18 prior to taking part in this activity.