Hayland Farms


Welcome To Hayland!

Hayland Farms is a hay meadow comprised of 120 acres of pristine native grass with dotted groves of trees spaced throughout and a 40-acre alfalfa patch. It is home to Tom and Heddy Mahoney, located in North Central Kansas, just a few minutes south of I-70.

Hayland Farms promotes an annual Aircraft Fly-In and Car/Tractor show during the fall. This year’s event will be September 9, 2023.

In addition to the annual events, seasonal camping is permitted at the camp site. Although normal use is for tents, smaller sized campers and RV’s are allowed.

Hayland Farms has two grass landing strips that can be used by light aircraft. The east side main runway is 60 ft x 2200 ft. When available, a second runway (60 ft x 1200 ft) provides direct access to the camp site.


IMPORTANT: Neither of these landing strips are certified or registered with the FAA and the landowner assumes no liability for property or equipment damage or for bodily injury or death suffered by individuals using Hayland (Tom Mahoney) property as is provided under the State of Kansas statutes related to the use of private rural property for recreational uses. By using these landing strips you are assuming “ALL” responsibility. This is for class!