Hayland Farms


IMPORTANT: Neither of these landing strips are certified or registered with the FAA and the landowner assumes no liability for property or equipment damage or for bodily injury or death suffered by individuals using Hayland (Tom Mahoney) property as is provided under the State of Kansas statutes related to the use of private rural property for recreational uses. By using these landing strips you are assuming “ALL” responsibility.



Hayland is 160 acres of mostly grass land south and west of Dorrance, Kansas. The street address is: 19793 Plymouth Rd. Dorrance, Kansas. Elevation is 1800 MSL. At the time of the fly-in, there will be two available grass runways. Use 123.45 as the CTAF.

Just north of the barn is the wind tetrahedron. It provides accurate wind direction indications. Just as a reminder, it points in the direction you should land and take-off. Pilots, you will need to bring your own tie downs and/or chocks. The cork screw type tie down should work fine.

Primary Runway


The PRIMARY RUNWAY is located to the east side of the Hayland pond area. This is the runway of choice for most light aircraft. It is north/south orientation and is 2,200 ft x 60 ft. This year, aircraft parking will be on the west side of the runway. When landing, make sure your aircraft is significantly slowed prior to reaching the dipped part of the runway that is near the mid-point, to prevent going momentarily airborne. The south end of the runway passes between the Hangar and the Horse barn.

IMPORTANT: During the Fly-In (Sept 9, 2023), the south end is shortened by 200 feet for people possibly gathering on that area of the runway. CAUTION!!!!!!! To avoid conflict with people on the ground – when landing to the north, touch down north of the hangar AND when landing to the south, stop short of the Hangar.

Campground Runway


The CAMP GROUND RUNWAY is located to the northwest of the pond area. This runway is of north/south orientation and is 1,200 ft by 60 ft. This runway will provide direct access to the camping areas located near and along the tree lines.

This runway should not be used by pilots with under performing aircraft or pilots that lack short field experience. Before landing, check your aircraft’s take-off performance from this runway.

Camping for Pilots


Camping sites are provided in the north and west areas of the Hayland quarter in and around the tree lines or camp next to your airplane. There are no services provided in the camping area as this is primitive camping. There is a commons area centered in the main camping site that has picnic tables, a camp fire pit and horse shoe pits. It’s a great location for after hour ghost stories or confessions of near death aviation experiences. There will be a cooking grate made available so bring your hot dogs!

Additionally, the closest hotel is the MIDLAND RAILROAD HOTEL (785-658-2284) in Wilson, Kansas (7 miles east). If you wish to stay there, you will need to make your own accommodations. We will provide ground transportation for fly-in participants to and from.