Hayland Farms


Enjoy the great outdoors at the Hayland Campground located in a secluded part of the hay meadow. Don’t let the secret out, but this is one of the more scenic sights in Kansas. Even on the windiest Kansas days, our little private campground offers remarkable protection. Nestled in one of the wrap around tree groves, you can settle in for a relaxing evening around the “Ole fire pit”. As you curl up in your little tent, most nights you will hear the yapping of coyotes, music of natures' littlest critters, and the sing-along frogs on the shore of the adjacent frog pond. If you are really quiet, you might even catch a glimpse of Bambi sneaking in for a quick drink of water.

For the outdoorsy, small airplane types, the campground is accessible by light aircraft. Right next to the campground is a seasonal 1200 ft long grass runway. This runway is available from September to mid-spring for aircraft with short field capabilities. Otherwise, please use the east runway of 2200 ft.

This is a primitive campground so bring your own shovel and TP. Camping is $20.00/night per tent or $40 per camper of limited size. Advanced permission is required.

Pilots stay for free during Fly-In.